West Yorkshire News (WYN)

The Federation has a monthly newsletter - West Yorkshire News (WYN) - available to all members as a paper copy or an eWYN. This keeps members informed of what is happening in our Federation and communicates information from the NFWI.

For more information please follow us on Twitter @WYFWI and Facebook: The West Yorkshire Federation to get up to date information on all our events and activities. If you require more information please email the Federation Office at

WI members can find more about recent opportunities and activities taking place throughout the organisation from the NFWI News in My WI.

West Yorkshire Federation Banner

In 1983 Eileen Meadmore, West Yorkshire Federation Chairman, asked WIs to produce a panel depicting their WI which was to be put on a banner to display at events and shows. This banner is still displayed at West Yorkshire Federation Office and at our Annual Meetings.

West Yorkshire Logo