Membership Support Sub-committee

The Membership Support & Training Sub-committee assists all the WIs in the West Yorkshire Federation by forming, reopening, enlarging and suspending institutes.

WI Advisers are members trained by the NFWI to help with the running of WIs and advise on WI matters.

Federation Independent Financial Examiners (FIFEs) are specially trained members of the West Yorkshire Federation who are available to examine accounts for WIs that choose to use the scheme.

Chairman & WI Adviser - Rosemary Pearson - Croft House Cookies WI
Vice-chairman & WI Adviser - Tracey Lewis - Gomersal WI
Secretary - Sue Plant - Shibden WI
WI Adviser - Helena Harrington - Wilsden WI
Committee members - the Membership Support Committee is made up of WI Advisers, Trainee WI Advisers, Archivists and observers that have an interest in becoming trainee WI Advisers.

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